• Fenil Shah
  • 04-17-2020
eCommerce customer support services

Be it a brick-and-mortar business or an eCommerce business, the customer is king. In today’s challenging and competitive eCommerce sector, good customer support services can be a game-changer for your business. On one hand, the eCommerce customer support services can answer your customers’ queries, and on the other hand, these services build trust among customers, which ultimately leads them to purchase.

In the online world, user experience matters the most for converting one-time visitor into a loyal customer. These days, there are many ‘distractions’ for your potential customers on the internet. Social media channels and YouTube are to name a few. It is fairly possible that at any point, your potential customer can close the browser window. There, customer experience can make all the difference.

In the words of Tony Hsieh, “Customer services shouldn’t just be a department; it should be the entire company.” Today, every eCommerce brand claims to put customers on their top priority, but in reality, very few brands provide excellent eCommerce customer support services. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that your brand should consider customer support services as a chance to build a lasting relationship with your existing, new, and potential customers.

It is always better to wow your customers and keep them by your side. Good customer support services can help you achieve this goal.

Let’s go through seven points that show the importance of effective customer support services for your eCommerce business:

  1. No more missed opportunities
  2. In business, every missed call is a missed opportunity. The round-the-clock customer support services ensures that no customer leaves your product. Better customer service can get you more customers. It is a single touchpoint to connect your customers with the business.  Online shoppers cannot interact physically with your brand or thousands of products but the customer services can help you offer a personalized touch to every customer. As a result, your eCommerce business will not miss any opportunities.
  1. Support builds credibility
  2. A loyal customer base is a competitive advantage. The eCommerce customer support services can build the credibility of your brand and online shoppers never think of changing their decision in favor of other brands. In a way, you can win the loyalty of your customers. Your eCommerce business strives for retaining customers and building trust. Extensive customer support can help you resolve queries of your customers and build an online reputation.  
  1. Reduced abandonment rate
  2. When the customer gets support in real-time, their frustration goes away immediately. You can integrate the eCommerce accounting system with the customer support services to resolve their queries related to payment and checkout. It results in a reduced abandonment rate. Customers with no frustration will never abandon the cart in the middle. What’s more, your business can get an advantage of cross-selling and up-selling, thanks to happy customers.
  1. Online marketing
  2. Customer support services can act as a foundation for online marketing. You can plan your online marketing campaign around customer-friendliness. You can convince potential customers that your customer support services are capable of resolving their issues and queries through promotional content. Be it social media channels or forums, it is possible to promote your business by highlighting the qualities of your customer support services.
  1. Strengthen your brand’s position
  2. Word of mouth can work wonders even in the Internet-driven world. Apart from enhancing your brand’s strength, quality customer support services can strengthen your brand’s position and you can stand out from the competition.
  1. Increased Productivity
  2. A dedicated customer support services can free your employees from giving responses to annoyed or unsatisfied customers. 24/7 customer support can reduce the load on your employees significantly. They can focus more on other important business processes and ultimately, it results in higher productivity.
  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Do you know that customer support services can be a core competency of your eCommerce business? Customer support services can help you exceed the expectations of your customers. You can surprise and delight your customers to make them satisfied. Customers can forget brands but they cannot forget the experiences or services they get. Gone are the days when customers considered price while selecting products. Today’s tech-savvy shoppers are willing to pay a premium for brands they like the most as long as they get good customer support services.

Customer support services are crucial for online and offline businesses alike. It can help your brand stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive business environment. From establishing a lasting relationship with customers to building your brand online, eCommerce customer support services can benefit your business a lot.

KiRi Accounting understands this and hence, has designed a customized solution for eCommerce businesses that embeds customer support services alongside accounting and tax services so that you can focus on growing your business. Let’s connect to take your eCommerce business at a new level.