Brains Behind KiRi

While KiRi Accounting is relatively a young setup, it is backed up by a team that has in-depth knowledge and vast experience in the outsourcing industry. Meet the Shah Duo, Fenil Shah and Ritu Shah, both of whom hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and are Chartered Accountant by profession. KiRi Accounting is their baby venture and they have been steering it with a passion to prosper into a firm that becomes a trustworthy and ideal financial partner for businesses across the globe.

Fenil Shah – A Force To Reckon With 

Fenil has got 17 years of outsourcing experience out of which he has spent 14 years working with US clients. Fenil is a man of startups and has been instrumental in growing one of the largest US accounting outsourcing firms in Ahmedabad wherein he was heading the operations of the India office and had grown the company from scratch to 350 employees across 5 divisions along with managing the Finance and Accounting (F&A) department having 500+ clients with an annual turnover of roughly $4M. Fenil has also worked with couple of startups in the past where he was handling accounting and tax work for UK clients. Currently, he is ethically and excellently managing KiRi Accounting to drive the same amount of growth by putting his knowledge in practice and providing best-of-breed services to the US-based businesses.

Ritu Shah – The Backbone of the Company

Ritu has got 10 years of outsourcing experience that spans from working as a Tax Reviewer supervising US tax returns to working as an Accounts Manager looking after bookkeeping and accounting needs of US clients to working as an Accounts Trainer teaching outsourcing aspirants the nitty-gritty of US accounting. Ritu also has a vast experience of managing customer support services for eCommerce clients and is primarily responsible for spearheading such projects in KiRi Accounting currently.      

Know the Shah Duo

Variety is a spice of life and the Shah Duo understands it very well. Fenil and Ritu strongly believe in the philosophy of not only being successful but also being able to enjoy it. While Fenil enjoys spending his free time indulging in any of his favourite sports, Ritu is a wanderlust soul who never misses an opportunity to travel and explore new places. On family front, Fenil and Ritu are blessed with a 5-year old cute boy who is the focal point of their life. The duo complement each other perfectly both on personal as well as on professional front which makes them a force to reckon with.

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