Process Re-Engineering Services

There are 3 Ps that are paramount to the success of any business in the modern era – People, Process and Product. It is a known fact that no business can taste success, if one of these Ps is missing. You can have good people and even better processes but if you don’t have good product, your business is going to falter. Similarly, if you have good people and great product but you don’t have the right processes to manage it, your business is not going to last for long.

This is something that we truly believe at KiRi Accounting and that’s why we have an elite range of services in our portfolio that focuses solely on ensuring that our clients have right processes in place to gain optimum efficiency. KiRi Accounting follows a multi-dimensional approach of documentation, automation and augmentation to deliver results in this area that will improve the way our clients manage their accounts and finance processes.

What do we serve?

  • Performing Gap Analysis by evaluating your existing internal controls and suggesting necessary steps to make it more efficient and effective
  • Implementation of Best Accounting Practices keeping in mind the operational challenges
  • Identifying automation opportunities and converting your manual accounting processes into automatic
  • Integration of 3rd party tools with accounting software depending on the business needs. For instance, using in case there is a need for bill approval before processing the bill payment.
  • Cleaning up accounts to make it more presentable such as restructuring chart of accounts, consistent treatment for accounting transactions, following prudent accounting principles etc.

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