Process Defined

Prior to deciding on the outsourced service provider, the primary things that businesses take into account is cost effectiveness, portfolio, work experience, dependability and most importantly the approach and methodology for providing services. Where methodology plays such an important role, we would like to be transparent about our process of work as we partner with your firm to provide F&A services. At KiRi Accounting, we believe in keeping our conduct such that we could create great value for our clients. Our processes ensure seamless progress thereby result in completion of the assigned tasks with utmost quality within stipulated timeframe.

KiRi Work Process



KiRi gets inquiry through referral, website or any other mode


Our team roll up their sleeves to thoroughly understand client requirements and finalize the scope of services


KiRi sends a tentative quote for the defined scope of services to the client


KiRi sends final agreement to the client for acceptance



KiRi gets access to client’s accounting file through a mutually agreed medium and understands current accounting processes


The Key Highlight – KiRi prepares First Hand Financial Report (FHFR) to get a stock of the client’s current state of accounting records and identify the gaps, if any


KiRi sets up accounting file, document transmission process, and communication channel – Cloud or Client Server


KiRi conducts a comprehensive session to explain the onboarding process to the client and their team

Ongoing Services


Client sends documents/information via. dedicated email, upload, or provide online access for further processing


KiRi processes the documents/information with a turnaround time of 24-48 business hours depending on the volume


KiRi performs other accounting tasks throughout the month as per the defined scope of services


KiRi sends a list of open questions and queries to client for their feedback on regular basis


KiRi closes the month and sends financial reporting package to the client for discussion

KiRi Unique Proposition

Dedicated team to look after your account

Dedicated email id for sending documents / information

Secured and Real Time access to your accounting records

Turnaround Time of 24-48 business hours

Various checklists to ensure quality and accuracy

Regular client communication

Tools & Applications

We Care for Your Business

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