Customized Solutions for eCommerce Industry

Rapid growth of eCommerce industry promises a great future but with it also comes greater challenges. All these challenges also unveil the fact that eCommerce businesses have to deal with multiple data points in different areas including finance, accounts and taxation which is one of the most crucial areas for ensuring smooth functioning of a business. The industry has unique service requirements and KiRi Accounting has recognized the same offering a comprehensive range of accounting and taxation services that are designed specifically to fit in the preferences of an eCommerce business.

Not only we help you with handling your accounts function gracefully, but also offer customer support services to curate great experiences for your customers. We understand that customer support is the backbone of any eCommerce business and hence we invest a lot of time upfront to understand your products/services and your way of doing business.  This helps us to design customized customer support solutions tailored to specifically suit your business requirements. Our team function as your backend customer support so that you could present your best on the front.

What do we serve?

Accounting Services

  • Managed Accounting services
  • Integration of CRM/eCommerce Platform/Marketplace with Accounting Software
  • 3-Dimensional Reconciliation between Payment Gateway, Merchant Account and Bank Account
  • Special Accounting for Chargebacks, Customer Refunds and Merchant Reserves
  • Special Accounting for Inventory – Reorder Stock Analysis, Opened v/s Unopened Items, Normal v/s Abnormal Loss Treatment
  • Managing Multi-State Sales Tax Nexus and Reporting
  • Customized Financial Reports –Revenue Analysis Traffic wise, Customer Refunds Statistics, Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

Customer Support Services

  • Verifying customer data in the CRM system and reporting abnormalities such as incomplete or wrong customer address
  • Verifying customer orders and reporting abnormalities such as any variance from the defined Product Price, Discount Policy, Sales Tax Applicability etc.
  • Lookout for any fraudulent, duplicate and big amount orders and communicating the same with the customers for confirmation
  • Checking fulfillment status of customer orders with shipping report
  • Reporting any delay in order shipment to the customer and taking necessary steps in consultation with fulfilment company to expedite the delayed shipment
  • Checking customer returns report and processing customer refunds
  • Managing end to end chargeback cycle that includes disputing, recovering and preventing chargebacks, thus improving customer experience and bottom line
  • Managing customer tickets in online ticketing system software such as Zendesk, Freshdesk etc.
  • Voice based support on real time basis during US hours

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