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As technology continues to take giant leaps in the accounting world, it is quintessential for the businesses to stay on top of the latest technological developments to be productive and profitable. Using legacy accounting software or following traditional accounting methods may workout temporarily but it will become obsolete in no time, leaving businesses with a big gap between “what they have” and “what they should have”. This is where KiRi Accounting can be a helping hand to your business by gracefully bridging the gap between present and future.

Experts at KiRi Accounting help in making the shift from NOW to NEXT a smooth and hassle-free process. We are pros and we work like one – by extracting data from old source system, adapting it to an appropriate format, and loading it into the target database, we provide you a precise end outcome in the form of data migrated as is in its brand new, high-end shelter.

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Sage Intacct

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Don’t see your preferred accounting software listed? No worries, our team has got vast experience of working with various accounting softwares. Just send us a message letting us know what your migration needs are and we will get in touch with you.

Data Migration Approach


Thorough understanding of client expectations


Analysing client’s existing accounting system


Designing a detailed action plan


Timely execution of the action plan


Post migration assessment

Our team runs a parallel system wherein we continue to update your current accounting system while migrating it rapidly to the newer one to avoid any data loss and ensure that business is as usual for your accounting needs.

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